Our vision

A multi-channel company profitably providing high volumes of top-quality hemp products with executional excellence.  

Mission Statement

To help people, society, and our environment, while creating shareholder value by monetizing Hemp  (health and wellness, nutrition, cosmetics, etc. and industrial products)  through our multiple marketing channels.

Nutrition & Beauty (Seed)

Hemp seed is a superfood that is plant-based and protein-packed.  It naturally boosts energy, reduces fatigue, and may positively affect blood pressure when ingested. When used externally, a hemp product rich in terpene profile will noticeably positively affect your skin.  Both by hydrating the skin while helping your skin to retain moisture while regulating your skin’s natural oil production.

Health & Wellness (Oil)

In a world that can feel non-stop, we help you take control of your wellness goals with a holistic approach by developing a daily self-care routine that can benefit your physical and mental health. 

Industrial (Fiber)

Concerns and threats to our environment have put us in what many see as a crucible moment where the culture demands revolutionary solutions to the earth.  This confluence of developments presents an opportunity for transformative products, and hemp can fill those gaps by offering biodegradable and compostable alternatives to fuel, paper, soil practices, plastics while reducing our carbon footprint.

Invest in tree of life

Are you ready to be a part of a company looking at the hemp industry from a fresh perspective?  Join us in learning what the hemp industry can and will become.  Get answers to your questions by speaking with one of our founders about investment opportunities. 


The hemp plant… what a glorious contribution it has made to our civilization! It could justifiably be titled the “Tree of Life.”

In the pork industry, they say that packing plants use every part of the pig except the squeal. With the hemp plant, we can use EVERY PART – oil, seed, and fiber.

We invite you to participate, with us, in an extraordinary opportunity that has a significant ability to contribute to people’s individual health and well-being, an opportunity that also has environmental benefits, and that could create potential wealth for you and your family.


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Our Team is dedicated to revolutionizing the hemp industry by focusing on the positive impact it can have on individuals, society, and the environment. 

We seek not only to utilize hemp but to educate society on the multifaceted products it provides for health, wellness, nutrition, beauty, and industrial. 

Allen Lash

Allen Lash

Co-Founder/Interim CEO

Kevin Engel

Kevin Engel


Chris Whited

Chris Whited

Co-Founder / Tree of Life VP of Marketing & Sales

Saleem Elmari

Saleem Elmari


Staff/Advisory board
Mark Faust

Mark Faust

Tree of Life Advisory Board Member & Sr. Marketing & Sales Consultant

Lori Frank-Hopkins

Lori Frank-Hopkins

Tree of Life Advisory Board Member & Education and Leadership Consultant

Alan Hagie

Alan Hagie

Tree of Life Advisory Board Member & Industrial Lead

Stephanie Savory

Stephanie Savory

Tree of Life Executive Administrative Assistant

Nicole Hicks

Nicole Hicks

Tree of Life Advisory VP, eCommerce of Operations

“I continuously suffered from allergies from cleaning out grain tanks, joint pain, and inflammation increased from years of working the farm. My pain increased day by day. I tried various products, but when this became a serious issue in my daily life, my wife and I thought of looking at natural alternatives.

After lots of research, I learned about CBD; I tried it. Thankfully, I received some local natural quality products from a CBD store near me, and after four years, I’m telling you CBD works.

My wife and I started giving CBD to our dogs before dinner. They are older, and it has become increasingly difficult to move. Today, they are more active because of CBD relief and won’t touch their dinner before getting their CBD to treat.

I am telling everyone I know about CBD so that other people like me can get maximum benefit.”

William Andrew - Virginia

“Three years ago, I was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma, kidney cancer. My surgery was scheduled for an early morning in February, and twelve hours later, I found myself in the recovery room where I would soon learn my fate. The cancer wasn’t contained; it had spread to my IVC vein, the large blood vessel responsible for pumping blood to my heart. The doctors did their best to scrape the cancerous cells from the vein, but it was cut, and much blood was lost. Thus, an aggressive cancer treatment program began.

I had to contend with the side effects of immunotherapy, followed by a few other chemo treatments. In my case, I suffered from chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy, and the pain would significantly affect my day-to-day responsibilities, limiting the amount of time I could be on my feet. I was desperate to try anything to help me, so my treatment with hemp oil began. I take a dose in the morning and evening and have done so since my treatment started three years ago. Today, my chemo dosage has been decreased significantly, and my cancer is stagnant, thank goodness. I no longer take pain medication for my neuropathy, my feet numbness and pain are minimal, and my quality of life has been the best since my surgery.”

Scott Hopkins – Illinois

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